The Toronto Creative Music Lab (TCML), now in its third edition, is an artistic and professional development workshop for early-career musicians and composers.

TCML nurtures the development of risk-takers and change-makers. We are committed to pushing toward a yet unimagined future that connects our music with our social responsibilities, our institutions, our communities, our audiences, and each other.

TCML is a volunteer-driven, peer-mentored, 8-day workshop that fosters professional development, artistic growth, collaborative learning, and community building through workshops, rehearsals, social events, panel discussions, and performance.

Application Deadline for 2018, Feb 1 2018

Land Acknowledgement

We want to recognize that we are here because this land was colonized. Indigenous communities and allies continue to struggle against the consequences of the colonial system. As we prepare for TCML 2018, we want to acknowledge and thank the Mississaugas of the New Credit, the Haudenosaunee, the Huron-Wendat, and all Indigenous people who share this land with us, and allow us to be here as uninvited guests.

We feel it is important to consider the history of state policy that, among other things, criminalized Indigenous cultural expression, and sought to eradicate Indigenous languages and communities. These forms of racism and paternalism also shaped wider cultural policy, privileging and resourcing certain traditions over others—we are keenly aware of this within music making.

For us, there is not one music, there is not one way to make music, there is not one way to share music.

As we acknowledge the Indigenous communities that have lived here for thousands of years, and their generosity, let us consider how we can be generous to one another during TCML. Let's work together to create a respectful and welcoming space.

This Land Acknowledgement is read aloud at the start of TCML events. The statement was drafted in 2016 and evolves based on the reflections and input of TCML organizers and allies.

If you plan to use this land acknowledgement in your organizing, please be mindful of the territory you occupy and adjust the statement accordingly. 


Sara Constant

Jason Doell

Matthew Fava

Olivia Shortt

Janet Sit

Christina Volpini

Past Organizers

William Callaghan (co-founder)

Anastasia Tchernikova (co-founder)