Information regarding accessibility measures for the 2018 edition of TCML.


TCML 2018 is delivered in English. Certain TCML organizers can communicate and correspond in French. 


There is no application fee to apply to TCML. Selected participants pay a $160 registration fee.

Selected participants can identify particular accessibility needs with organizers during registration, such as child care expenses, that we can endeavour to support.


You can contact at any point regarding accessibility measures that can support your involvement in the workshop. 

Venue Information

918 Bathurst // Primary venue

  • Not fully accessible
  • Gendered washrooms
  • There are three steps to the entrance and a short flight of stairs up to the performance space, as well as down to the basement

Canadian Music Centre // Secondary venue

  • Accessible
  • Gender-neutral washrooms
  • Accessible washroom on the main floor
  • There are two flights of stairs up to the main entrance along the front lawn. Street level access and elevator access are available through an entrance to the right of the steps to the main entrance

Array Space

  • Accessible
  • Gender-neutral washrooms
  • Accessible washrooms on the main floor
  • There is a ramp to the entrance and an elevator to the performance space