Congratulations! You have been accepted to participate in TCML 2017!

You will be registered for TCML 2017 once you have completed all three steps below (ensembles will be registered once every member has completed the registration). The registration process must be completed by Friday April 7th, 2017 to ensure your participation in TCML2017. If you decide not to participate, we request that you contact us as soon as possible.



  • Click the image to pay the registration fee of $157 CAD (Your fee is part of the operating costs of the workshop and will support preparations for delivering the best experience for you and the other TCML artists)
  • more information on what the fee covers and what you will need to budget for during TCML 2017 on the fee page when you click through

2.Complete Participant Survey

  • Click the image to reach the TCML participant survey

  • Please fill out the mandatory fields of the survey (this survey will help us track emergency contact information, dietary requirements, and housing needs)

  • Included in the survey is a media release form, and liability waiver

3.Upload PARTICIPANT Information

  • Click the image to access the TCML participant folder on google drive

  • Create a folder with your name

  • Upload a document that has your preferred website link and a 150 word bio (for ensembles, we are happy to receive a bio for the ensemble, and for the individual members)

  • A high resolution profile photo

  • should you not wish us to publish your information please contact us  


Refund Policy

  • $140 will be refunded for cancellation requests made before April 17th, 2017
  • $75 will be refunded for cancellation requests made after April 18th, 2017 but before May 16th, 2017
  • No Refund will be given for cancellation requests received after May 17th, 2017

Next Steps

Once all of the participants have registered (paid the fee, filled out the survey, and uploaded you artist information), the TCML team will begin to facilitate housing (for those visiting from outside of Toronto) and the introduction of the working groups

Our housing program is a community volunteer led effort. Members of the Toronto contemporary music community and beyond donate spare bedrooms, couches, and air mattresses for TCML participants to use for the duration of the workshop. While we make every effort to find those who need a place to stay, we cannot guarantee everyone will have a private bedroom. If you are from outside of Toronto and would prefer to handle your own accommodations please let us know in the participant survey.

Additionally, we will be putting you in touch with your collaborators shortly following the registration deadline. Here is what you can anticipate:

  • COMPOSERS: you will receive information on the musicians and the instrumentation for your piece. You must deliver a draft of a piece no longer than five minutes in length by May 19th, 2017.
  • MUSICIANS/ENSEMBLES: you will find out who you are playing with and who is writing for you. Your group's composer will deliver a draft of the piece to you by May 19th, 2017 and you are expected to prepare for the piece prior to the TCML workshop week.
  • GROUP FACILITATION: The TCML team is planning to help get group introductions and workflow off to a quick start prior to the workshop. In mid April, a TCML organizer will facilitate a video conference meeting for your group. This is intended to establish your communications, and allow us greater insight into your preparations, and needs as a group.

TCML 2017 Schedule

  • Saturday June 17th, 2017 - Participants arrive, welcoming event in the evening.
  • Sunday June 18th - Saturday June 24th - TCML rehearsal and professional development sessions run from 9am-6pm.
  • Thursday June 22nd and Saturday June 24th - TCML concerts in the evening.
  • Sunday June 25th - TCML 2017 optional closing event/ participants travel home.

If you have any questions at this point, feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to working with you, and excited for this year's event!