What/ When/ WHere is TCML 2018

TCML 2018 is an 8-day artistic and professional development workshop for self-identified early-career musicians and composers. During the workshop participants will attend professional development sessions, and be involved in the rehearsal, recording, and performance of new works.

TCML 2018 will be held from June 9-16. Applicants should plan for full day activities during the workshop. TCML 2018 will be held between three main venues: 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media and Education; Canadian Music Centre; and Array Space.

Click here for venue accessibility information.

    Artistic Development/ Professional Development (PD)

    TCML is a peer-mentored workshop. 40 participants will be selected from a pool of applicants and placed into working groups of 1 composer and 3-6 performers—10 composers and 30 performers in total. Working groups will participate in TCML facilitated discussions prior to the workshop that will inform a new 6 minute piece developed by the composer.

    Working groups are designed to feature unique instrument combinations. This gives musicians a chance to play alongside different instrument families. The TCML process also places greater emphasis throughout the collaboration on the skills and interests of the individuals such that pieces are written and developed with the participants, not for their instruments alone. While at TCML, working groups will have 13 hours to develop, rehearse, and rework their new piece which will be professionally recorded and performed in concert. 

    TCML 2018 PD sessions will be a series of workshops, lectures, panel discussions and activities that bring together artists from across disciplines to explore accessibility, inclusiveness, anti-oppression, career development, and community building in contemporary chamber music. You can explore previous TCML panel discussions on our media page


    • 13 hours group rehearsal time
    • housing for artists who visit from outside of Toronto*
    • breakfast and lunch for each day of the workshop
    • transit in Toronto (tokens and a one-week metropass for the transit system)
    • 4 professional development activities
    • 2 performances of TCML works
    • 2 high quality audio recordings of TCML works
    • 1 high quality video recording of final performance
    • final concert livestreamed by the Canadian Music Centre
    • 1 showcase opportunity for TCML participants

    *TCML organizers cannot guarantee housing for a partner or guest of a participant, unless that person is providing specific support for the involvement of the participant.

     If accepted, participants can anticipate

    • a $160 registration fee
    • providing their own transportation to and from Toronto
    • 2 volunteer hours—assisting in the preparation of TCML communal meals
    • providing their own dinners
    • paying for extra-curricular activities outside of the workshop

    Financial Support // Participants selected for TCML 2018 can identify particular accessibility needs with organizers during registration, such as child care expenses, that TCML will endeavour to support.

    Language // TCML 2018 is delivered in English. Certain TCML organizers can communicate and correspond in French.

    General // You can contact info.tcmlab@gmail.com at any point regarding accessibility measures that can support your involvement in the workshop.

    The application deadline for TCML 2018 is February 1, 2018. Click here for application information.