TCML 2019

TCML 2019 is an 8-day artistic and professional development workshop for self-identified early-career musicians, ensembles, and composers. During the workshop, participants will attend professional development sessions, and be involved in the rehearsal, recording, and performance of new works. 

TCML 2019 will be held from June 8-16, 2019 in Toronto, Canada. Applicants should plan for full-day activities during the workshop. TCML 2019 will be held between two main Toronto venues: 918 Bathurst Centre for Culture, Arts, Media and Education; and the Canadian Music Centre.

Visit our accessibility page to learn more about our venues, and to access printable versions of the TCML 2019 information package—these include a large print version, and a version prepared using OpenDyslexic font.

Photo Credit: Nicola Betts

Photo Credit: Nicola Betts

TCML is a peer-mentored workshop. Applicants will be selected in one of three streams: Performer, Composer, or Ensemble. Click here for full info on the application process. 40 participants will be selected—10 composers and 30 musicians. Each participant will be placed in a composer-ensemble working group to collaborate on a new work. In addition, each participant will augment their experience by sharing their relationship to music through self-directed performances, co-composition/improvisation sessions, and/or audio-visual presentations relating to their practice. Each is detailed below.

Composer-Ensemble working groups

We will create 10 working groups. Each group will include 1 composer and 2-5 musicians, or 1 composer and 1 ensemble. Working groups will participate in TCML-facilitated discussions prior to the workshop that will inform a new 6-minute piece drafted by the composer and  developed by the working group.

Working groups are designed to feature unique instrument combinations. The TCML process also places greater emphasis throughout the collaboration on the skills and interests of the individuals, such that pieces are written and developed with the participants, not for their instruments alone. This approach fosters trust and open communication. While at TCML, working groups will have 8.5 hours to develop, rehearse, and rework their new piece, which will be performed in concert and professionally recorded.

Opt-In Activities

In addition to working groups, participants may select up to two of the following activities.

Self-directed solo rehearsal and performance // Participants can choose to engage in 5 hours of individual rehearsal time to prepare a solo piece, which will be presented during a participant sharing session. These sessions will be professionally recorded (audio and video). We will prioritize contemporary works, in particular those written by marginalized artists in chamber music. We suggest that works not exceed 10 minutes.

Co-composition/Improvisation groups // Co-create a piece that can take various forms as determined by the skills, creativity, and personalities taking part in the group. TCML will facilitate pre-workshop discussions to determine a process for the participants in order to adopt an approach to sharing and negotiation that is apart from the composer-ensemble scenario. Guest artists (TBA) will participate in the workshop process during TCML. The co-composition group will present their piece as part of a participant sharing session.

Audio-visual presentations // We invite participants to share a 15-minute presentation that demonstrates their connection to music. This can include case studies in community-based organizing strategies, research interests, and information about their musical output. These presentations can include live performance, provided that no rehearsal time is required.

While we cannot guarantee that all participants receive their first choices of opt-in activities, we will do our best to accommodate all participants’ selections.

Mehdi Rezania tuning his santur at Ratiospace as part of the TCML 2016 open score night.

Mehdi Rezania tuning his santur at Ratiospace as part of the TCML 2016 open score night.

working groups

  • 8.5 hours group rehearsal time

  • 1 public performance of working group piece(s)

  • 1 high-quality audio recording of working group piece(s)

  • 1 high-quality video recording of working group piece(s)

  • 1 livestream presentation of the working group piece(s)

  • Rehearsal facilitation

OPT-IN activities

  • 5 hours of individual or co-creation rehearsal time

  • High-quality audio and video recording of individual performances, A/V presentations and co-created pieces

PD Sessions

  • 4 professional development activities


  • Housing for artists who visit from outside of Toronto*

  • Breakfast and lunch for each day of the workshop

  • Transit in Toronto (tokens and a one-week transit pass for the transit system)

*While TCML organizers have successfully secured placements for all participants who have required billeting in past editions, we cannot guarantee billeting. TCML organizers cannot secure billeting for a partner or guest of a participant, unless that person is providing specific support for the involvement of the participant.

If accepted, participants can anticipate

  • A $200 registration fee*

  • Providing their own transportation to and from Toronto

  • 2 volunteer hours (task may include assisting in the preparation of TCML communal meals or assisting with set-up for activities)

  • Providing their own dinners

  • Paying for extra-curricular activities outside of the workshop

*If the registration fee is prohibitive, do not let this deter you from applying to TCML.

The application deadline for TCML 2019 is January 12, 2019. Click here for application information.